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NOTE: Literature marked as Discontinued is no longer supported or updated.



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Cable Testers
Clamp-on Meters
Current Probes
Data Loggers
DC Power Supplies / Generators
Decade Boxes
Digital Multimeters
not available Model MTX 3290
not available Model MTX 3291
not available Model MTX 3292
not available Model MTX 3292-BT
not available Model MTX 3293
not available Model MTX 3293-BT
Model 5212 Model 5212
Model 5215 Model 5215
Model 5217 Model 5217
Model 5231 Model 5231
Model 5233 Model 5233
Model MX57EX IECEx Model MX57EX IECEx
Model MTX 3281-3282-3283 Model MTX 3281-3282-3283

CA Series - Discontinued
Model CA5205 Model CA5205
Model CA5210 Model CA5210
Model CA5220 Model CA5220
Model CA5230 Model CA5230
Model CA5240 Model CA5240
Model CA5260 Model CA5260

MX Series - Discontinued
Model MX21 Model MX21
Model MX22 Model MX22
Model MX23 Model MX23
Model MX24B Model MX24B
Model MX26 Model MX26
Model MX53 Model MX53
Model MX54 Model MX54
Model MX55 Model MX55
Model MX56 Model MX56
Model MX57 Model MX57

Multimetrix DMM Series - Discontinued
Model DMM 210-220-230-240
Model DMM 12 Model DMM 12
Model DMM 15 Model DMM 15
Model DMM 105 Model DMM 105
Model DMM 110 Model DMM 110
Model DMM 120 Model DMM 120
Model DMM 140 Model DMM 140
Electrical Test Tools
Environmental Testers
Ground Resistance Testers
High Voltage Testers
Hipot Testers
Installation Testers
Leakage Current Meters
Power Analyzers / Meters

*Certain products shown in literature may not be available in the USA and/or elsewhere.
Please consult us for availability before ordering.

NOTE: Brochures may not be available for all product categories. Refer to the datasheet for product specific information.

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