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NOTE: Literature marked as Discontinued is no longer supported or updated.



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Cable Testers
Clamp-on Meters
Current Probes
Flexible Current Probes
AmpFlex Series AmpFlex Series
AmpFlex 193-24-BK (not available) AmpFlex 193-24-BK
AmpFlex 193-36-BK (not available) AmpFlex 193-36-BK
Digital FlexProbe Digital FlexProbe (2.6 ft lead)
  Digital FlexProbe (6 ft lead)
MiniFlex MiniFlex
MiniFlex - HF MiniFlex - HF
MiniFlex MA193-10-BK (not available) MiniFlex MA193-10-BK
MiniFlex MA193-14-BK (not available) MiniFlex MA193-14-BK
LongLife AmpFlex (Discontinued) LongLife AmpFlex (Discontinued)
FlexProbe FlexProbe

Oscilloscopes & BNC Terminated Probes
Model MR461 Model MR461
Model MR561 Model MR561
Model SL261 Model SL261
Model JM861 Model JM861
Model SR661 Model SR661
Model MN261 Model MN261

DC/AC MicroProbes
Model K100 Model K100
Model K110 Model K110

Differential Probes
DP-25 (Discontinued) DP-25 (Discontinued)

General Purpose Probes
Model J93-BK Model J93-BK
Model JM800A (Discontinued) Model JM800A (Discontinued)
Model JM810A Model JM810A
Model JM813 Model JM813
Model JM815A (Discontinued) Model JM815A (Discontinued)
Model JM825A (Discontinued) Model JM825A (Discontinued)
Model JM830A Model JM830A
Model JM835A (Discontinued) Model JM835A (Discontinued)
Model JM840A (Discontinued) Model JM840A (Discontinued)
Model JM845A Model JM845A
Model JM850A Model JM850A
Model JM852A Model JM852A
Model JM865A Model JM865A
Model JM875 Model JM875
Model MD301 Model MD301
Model MD303 (Discontinued) Model MD303 (Discontinued)
Model MD304 Model MD304
Model MD305 Model MD305
Model MD314 (Discontinued) Model MD314 (Discontinued)
Model MN01 Model MN01
Model MN02 Model MN02
Model MN03 Model MN03
Model MN05 Model MN05
Model MN82 Model MN82 (not available)
Model MN93 (not available) Model MN93-BK
Model MN103 Model MN103
Model MN106 Model MN106
Model MN114 Model MN114
Model MN115 (Discontinued) Model MN115 (Discontinued)
Model MN170 (Discontinued) Model MN170 (Discontinued)
Model MN185 Model MN185
Model MN186 (Discontinued) Model MN186 (Discontinued)
Model MN193 (not available) Model MN193-BK
Model MN210 (Discontinued) Model MN210 (Discontinued)
Model MN211 (Discontinued) Model MN211 (Discontinued)
Model MN212 (Discontinued) Model MN212 (Discontinued)
Model MN213 Model MN213
Model MN250 (Discontinued) Model MN250 (Discontinued)
Model MN251 Model MN251
Model MN252 (Discontinued) Model MN252 (Discontinued)
Model MN253 Model MN253
Model MN254 (Discontinued) Model MN254 (Discontinued)
Model MN255 Model MN255
Model MN290 (Discontinued) Model MN290 (Discontinued)
Model MN291 Model MN291
Model MN306 (Discontinued) Model MN306 (Discontinued)
Model MN307 Model MN307
Model MN312 Model MN312
Model MN313 Model MN313
Model MN352 Model MN352
Model MN353 Model MN353
Model MN373 Model MN373
Model MN375 Model MN375
Model MN379 (not available) Model MN379
Model MR193 (not available) Model MR193-BK
Model MR410 (Discontinued) Model MR410 (Discontinued)
Model MR411 Model MR411
Model MR520 (Discontinued) Model MR520 (Discontinued)
Model MR521 Model MR521
Model MR6292 (not available) Model MR6292
Model SL201 (Discontinued) Model SL201 (Discontinued)
Model SL206 Model SL206
Model SL261 Model SL261-BK
Model SR182 Model SR182 (not available)
Model SR193 (not available) Model SR193-BK
Model SR600 Model SR600
Model SR601 Model SR601
Model SR604 Model SR604
Model SR631 (Discontinued) Model SR631 (Discontinued)
Model SR632 Model SR632
Model SR634 Model SR634
Model SR651 Model SR651
Model SR652 (Discontinued) Model SR652 (Discontinued)
Model SR701 Model SR701
Model SR704 Model SR704
Model SR751 (Discontinued) Model SR751 (Discontinued)
Model SR752 Model SR752
Model SR759 Model SR759
Model UT.UE (not available) Model UT.UE (Discontinued)
Data Loggers
Decade Boxes
DC Power Supplies / Generators
Digital Multimeters
Electrical Test Tools
Environmental Testers
Ground Resistance Testers
High Voltage Testers
Hipot Testers
Installation Testers
Leakage Current Meters
Power Analyzers / Meters

*Certain products shown in literature may not be available in the USA and/or elsewhere.
Please consult us for availability before ordering.

NOTE: Brochures may not be available for all product categories. Refer to the datasheet for product specific information.

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